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Fork Modification

     74, 75, 76 Black Leg Forks

Front end beating you to death? Let Vintage Husky modify those forks!

Why modify your forks?
  • More Travel
  • Improved Dampening
  • Less Arm Pump
  • And more.
Here's what we do...

1. Disassemble / inspect
your forks.


2. Thoroughly clean all components.

3. Modify dampner rods

4. Completed modifications

5. Instal seals.

7. Install oil wipers...

8. Install spacers...

9. Install dampners...

10. Assemble fork...

11. Apply Locktite...

12. Install bolt...

13. Check assembly...

14. Install spring...

15. Add oil, and we're done,
ready to be shipped
back to you!.
Cost:     Approximately $300.00 plus shipping.

   Want us to modify your forks? Give us a call at 1-760-744-8052 today!

Steve Gallegos on a Vintage Husky prepped 1974 250 Mag with fork mods (as detailed above). Steve is a member of California Vintage Motocross and frequently trophies in the Vintage Sportsman 250 Class.

Vintage Husky is always there to provide quick and honest answers to questions you have about your bike. Give us a call at 1-760-744-8052.


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