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Frame Modification

     MJ & MK Frames

Vintage Husky frame modifications will make you a winner!

Why modify your frame?
  • Decreases gap between seat.
  • Easier to slide up on tank.
  • Weight bias to front.
  • Easier to turn.
  • And more.
5 Steps to a winning frame

1. Take your frame


2. Make strategic cuts.

3. Make custom bends

4. Reweld

5. Finished frame.
Cost:    $125.00 plus shipping.

   Want us to modify your frame? Give us a call at 1-760-744-8052 today!

Steve Gallegos on a Vintage Husky prepped 1974 250 Mag frame (as detailed above). Steve is a member of California Vintage Motocross and frequently trophies in the Vintage Sportsman 250 Class.

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