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Seat Rebuilding

Has your seat seen better days? Vintage Husky can make your seat new again!
How we recover your seat

1. Take old seat.


2. Remove cover.

3. Remove foam from pan.
    • Inspect seat pan
    • Remove rust
    • Repair cracks
    • Remove old glue

4. Attach foam to pan.

5. Slip on new cover.

6. Preparing to attach cover.

7. Beginning the process.

8. Firmly attach cover to pan.

9. Trim excess vinyl.

10. Ready to ride.
Cost:    Varies depending upon your needs.

Give us a call at 1-760-744-8052 to discuss your seat today!


Need Parts?

Vintage Husky provides the following components for your seat woes...

  • New high density seat foam that's better than the original.
  • New custom made seat covers to match new seat foam.
    (Very important for a good, long lasting fit.)

Vintage Husky is always there to provide quick and honest answers to questions you have about your bike. Give us a call at 1-760-744-8052.


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